Q&A Correction: To the ‘Minister for Adani’ — Matthew Canavan — “No Still Means No”

Latest News / Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

On ABC’s Q&A last night, National Party Senator, Matthew Canavan – the ‘Minister for Adani’ – made a vague reference to “native title” groups’ near unanimous support for the proposed Carmichael mine. He complained that the media doesn’t cover such supposed ‘good news’, as though his Government’s interests are not constantly boosted in the press.

If he were genuine, he might know how we feel. Despite our families three times saying “no” to Adani, the public mis-representation continues. Mainstream media mostly fails to report our story, except in terms that support the pro-coal mining voices in government and industry.

What the Minister failed to mention, or referred to only obliquely, is that we have several legal cases running to demonstrate that Adani does not have our free, prior, informed consent, they have engaged in conduct ‘analogous to fraud’ and that, along with the State and some statutory representatives, manipulated the native title process to override our rights and interests and divide our people.

We are in the courts challenging the issuing of the leases and Adani’s claim to have reached agreement with us as Traditional Owners. Adani doesn’t yet have what it wants to build its mine – least of all money – and we continue to fight for our rights and the protection of our country from their destructive intent.

Uncle Adrian- %22we're still here, no still means no%22

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