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The People of Wanggan and Yagalinggu Country (also known as Wangan and Jagalingou – W&J) have launched an interactive dictionary with tools for learning the Wirdi Language. The online dictionary and language learning tools are part of a language project established by the Wangan Jagalingou Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation to revitalise the Wirdi language.

“We are the Wirdi people from Wanggan Yagalinggu Country. We are reclaiming our identity and revitalising our unique language. Our traditional language was spoken by our ancestors for millennia, before the impact of colonisation on our people and culture. This project is to ensure that once again our children and grandchildren, and those that follow, will hold our true identity and continue to speak our original language.”

Below is a small word dictionary showcasing the words of the Wangan and Jagalingou People and their English equivalent.

Goondooloo Emu
Woora Kangaroo
Mowanda Dingo
Moonda Poison Snake
Garbul Carpet Snake
Kowaburra Kookaburra
Weena Fish
Wol-­‐mul Koala
Koolijo Possum
Kub-­‐bah Bee
Coreedulla Eaglehawk
Waya Wallaby
Nungina Fly
Budbeera Goanna
Wurka Wild Turkey
Mundunjudra Rainbow Serpent
Gummoo Gummoo Rain
Gurri Sun

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