Who We Are

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The Wangan and Jagalingou people are the proud Traditional Owners and Native Title Applicants of a vast area of land in central-western Queensland’.

For thousands of years, we have been custodians of this land and it is our responsibility to protect our land, water, people, history and totems. Our totem is the bee, or Kub-bah in our traditional language.

Our sacred connection starts at our place of birth. There, the child is given a representative animal, bird or reptile totem, either a social totem, or a dreaming totem. They are forbidden to eat such creatures or their eggs.

In our country, spiritual ancestors come up from under the ground and travel in and through the land at sacred sites associated with the Rainbow Serpent known as the Mundunjudra. The Rainbow Serpent has power to control Wangan & Jagalingou sites where our people are born into their bigan (Totem). This has been so since the beginning of the creation period.

The sacred beliefs of our culture, our religion, is based on where the song lines run through our country. These song lines connect us to Mother Earth. Trees, plants, shrubs, medicines, waterholes, animals, habitats, aquifers – all these have a special religious place in our land and culture. Our spirits and the spirits of our ancestors travel above, through, and under the ground of our country.

They dwell there indefinitely.

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