Naomi Klein nominates W&J Youth Leader for inaugural list of international ‘movers and shakers’

Latest News / Friday, January 22nd, 2016

IMG_6779Wangan and Jagalingou youth leader, Murrawah Johnson, has been added to the Grist 50 list of movers and shakers by Naomi Klein.

The Grist 50 is a list of the best and brightest fighting for the planet, curated by Grist. Grist is based in Seattle, in the State of Washington, with contributors scattered the world ’round. It’s a nonprofit organization providing a source of intelligent, irreverent environmental news and commentary. Grist reaches a community of more than 2 million people a month.

Naomi Klein is a world leading activist, author and film maker who has been touring the world motivating people to take radical action on climate change. Her influential book, This Changes Everything, is a call to action and a guide to the sort of change we need TODAY.

Naomi has recognised Murrawah’s extraordinary talent and commitment to protecting her ancestral lands from the irreversible destruction of the largest coal mine in the southern hemisphere proposed by Indian conglomerate Adani. The impact of the mine were it to ever go ahead, would be a massive release of carbon at the very time the world is moving away from polluting fossil fuels.

Murrawah is deeply committed to securing the future of her lands and people and also playing a role in the global movement led by Indigenous people to prevent adverse climate change. She is also State coordinator of SEED, the first Indigenous Youth Climate Network in Australia and perhaps the world.


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