Qld Govt’s Adani water plan approval imperils sacred Doongmabulla Springs​

Latest News / Friday, June 14th, 2019


Friday 14 June 2019

Adani’s coal mine will irreparably damage the ecology, homelands

No first nation consent – land use agreement ‘coerced’

W&J council to continue defence of country 

The Wangan and Jagalingou Council says yesterday’s decision of the Queensland Government to approve Adani’s ground water management plan imperils their sacred Doongmabulla springs.

W&J Council senior spokesperson Adrian Burragubba said: “Draining our water for Adani’s massive coal mine will irreparably damage the ecology of our homelands. Without the water, everything will struggle to survive.

“The ecology is our home, our Yumba, the locus of creation, the Rainbow Serpent. We are being told we must give this up for a few second-rate jobs in a sunset industry. We are offered a pittance in compensation for the destruction of our lands and waters, and the denial of our fundamental rights.

“To add insult to injury, we are coerced into so-called ‘land use agreements’. We are the original sovereign people from that land, and there is no founding agreement with the State, or mining corporations like Adani, that allows them to determine the future of our country without us.

“The State does not have our free, prior, informed consent. It does not deal with us respectfully as a first nation or recognise our original tribal sovereignty. It interferes with the practice of our culture and ceremony, our law and religion. All of which are deeply and inextricably connected to the water.

“We are the water protectors. We want to look after the land for all future generations. We said no to Adani and we will keep saying no. Adani is not welcome in our country.

“But again, the Queensland Government simply continues the relentless dispossession of our lands and waters that our people are forced to endure.

“We will not be subjected to these actions and stay quiet. We speak for our law on that country and we will speak out against those who would allow its destruction. We will stand our ground in defence of country”, Mr Burragubba concluded.


For more information, contact:

Anthony Esposito, W&J Council Adviser, 0418 152 743

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