Adani continues ‘attack dog’ strategy against Traditional Owner

Latest News / Sunday, April 7th, 2019

Bankruptcy suit against Aboriginal leader shows Adani’s malicious intent

The Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council says reports that Adani is persisting with its attempt to bankrupt Traditional Owner, Adrian Burragubba, show the Corporation’s “attack dog” strategy, which is currently being examined by Queensland’s legal watchdog, The Legal Services Commission, is still in full swing.

W&J Traditional Owners Council chairperson, Linda Bobongie said: “Adani’s bankruptcy threat serves no purpose but to intimidate and punish Mr Burragubba because he has led our resistance to their destructive coal mine and exposed their abuse of our rights.

“Adani’s bankruptcy petition to the Federal Court is an abuse of process. Adani have targeted Mr Burragubba in an attempt to intimidate him into silence, and frighten us into abandoning our opposition. It won’t work. Adani cannot stop us. Our people will keep fighting.

“Adani cannot take our land, they cannot destroy our sacred places, and they cannot drain the waters from our country for a dirty coal mine.

“We demand Adani cease its denigration of Mr. Burragubba and cease its bankruptcy proceeding. They face a Federal Court appeal in late May. The Queensland Government has not extinguished our native title for them. Nor do they have a conclusive ILUA.

“We are not fooled when Adani says it will donate money to charity. Adani doesn’t believe they will get money from a bankruptcy proceeding, and no one believes they have the slightest charitable intentions. They are using the courts for an improper purpose. This action is nothing but abject moral failure and corporate bullying by Adani”, Ms Bobongie concluded.



Anthony Esposito, W&J Council Adviser, 0418 152 743

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